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City Council approves Community Farm Master Plan

Concept Part of 2006 Voter Approved Bernal Specific Plan

PLEASANTON, Calif. — The City Council voted unanimously in favor of a draft community farm master plan at last night’s City Council meeting. The community farm concept was approved as part of the 318-acre Bernal Property Phase II Specific Plan (Plan) approved by voters in 2006. The Plan divided the parcel into 17 distinct sub-areas and offered designated uses appropriate to the specific area. Two of the sub-areas were designated to facilitate agricultural uses and community farming, which gave rise to the community farm proposal that was the subject of last night’s vote.

After a well-attended community outreach meeting and having worked with the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission, staff proposed a community farm master plan, which includes adding up to 30 new redwood garden plots to expand the City’s Garden Patch program; setting aside just under 1.5 acres for a demonstration garden that will be operated by the Alameda County Master Gardeners and offer workshops, classes and hands-on gardening demonstrations; dedicating 1.23 acres for a row crops vegetable garden, operated by a to be identified nonprofit; establishing a learning center, which will be an estimated 5,290 square feet, with a seating capacity for up to 70 people, room for storage, public restrooms and a picnic area. The learning center will be operated by the City and serve as a hub for educational activities sponsored by the various clubs and master gardeners for the overall benefit of the community; creating nearly 10 acres for a vineyard and an orchard for fruits and nuts.

The farm will be integrated into the existing Marilyn Murphy Kane Walking Trail for an enhanced trail experience, and will likely be completed in phases. The first phase will likely include the Garden Patch expansion, the Master Gardener’s facility, and a portion of the Learning Center complex and will be considered for funding in future capital improvement plan processes.

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